Man Insists He Stopped At Stop Sign But Receives Ticket Anyway

Peter Brantlie says he stopped at the stop sign.
Peter Brantlie says he stopped at the stop sign.

Jackson, TX – Peter Brantlie, 31 was stopped by a police officer for running a stop sign yesterday while making a Taco Bell run during his lunch hour.

The officer reportedly told Brantlie that he’d run a stop sign and he was issuing Brantlie a ticket.

Brantlie denies running the stop sign, and argued that point with the officer to no avail. Brantlie did, however, say “I’m pretty sure I stopped.. actually I did stop!”

The officer told us off camera, ” A ‘California Roll’ may be sushi, but it’s certainly not a full stop.”

Brantlie told reporters he was going to “have the officers badge,” and passionately vowed to go to court.


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