Khadedra Walker Arrested For Filing A False Police Report / VPD Focuses On Charging These Fraudsters

Valdosta Police Department arrests Khadedra Walker.

Khadedra Walker’s arrest is the third case in two weeks where Valdosta police detectives have charged persons with False Statement and False Report of a Crime.

The Valdosta Police Department is focusing their investigative efforts on arresting criminals, like Khadedra Walker, who are profiting from filing false reports for crimes that never happened. In almost 24 years doing this job I can’t tell you how pervasive this type of crime is among criminals who are willing to gamble with the perjury clause in the voluntary written and/or verbal statement provided by the officers documenting the case report. The detectives of the Valdosta Police Department are doing a great job honing in on this type of blatant fraud by individuals who think it’s as simple as asking for case number in order to get a free television or other luxury item that they don’t want to pay for themselves. Why, pay for it when you can report it stolen, right? Not in Valdosta, Georgia! Great work, guys!

Valdosta Police Department Official Public Release:

On May 6, 2017 at approximately 4am, Valdosta Police were dispatched to a private residence in the 1300 block of Ponderosa in reference to a reported burglary. The victim, Khadedra Walker, reported to the officer that an unknown person entered her residence and stole multiple items from her home. The responding officer spent over an hour speaking with Walker, gathering evidence, and completing a detailed report of the incident. The case was then turned over to the Valdosta Police Department’s Burglary Unit for further investigation.

Valdosta Police Burglary detectives began working on the case and learned through the investigation that an item was pawned at a local pawn shop, which Walker had reported stolen. Detectives were able to track down the person who pawned it. After further investigation, detectives found evidence that  Khadedra Walker had sold the item to the subject, proving that it was not stolen during the burglary. Detectives obtained arrest warrants for Khadedra Walker for False Statement (FELONY), and False Report of a Crime (Misdemeanor). Walker advised detectives that she would voluntarily turn herself in to the Lowndes County Jail this morning.

“This is the third case in two weeks where detectives have charged persons with False Statement and False Report of a Crime. Not only do these cases create a danger to responding officers, it wastes valuable time for officers and detectives to investigate legitimate crimes, and it also creates a false appearance of crime issues in Valdosta. These false reports will not be tolerated and will be prosecuted”, stated Chief Brian Childress.

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Source: Valdosta Police Department FB Page


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