Kemah PD Nabs The GOAT After A Foot Chase, Scuffle & Some Intense NeGOATiations

Kemah PD nabs the GOAT!
Kemah PD nabs the GOAT!

Kemah Police caught up to some pretty nefarious escapees that led Officer Westburg and Sergeant Hinson on quite a foot chase after the animals refused transport. On August 20, 2017 the Kemah Police Department posted the story along with pictures of the whole ordeal (tongue-in-cheek) on the Department Official Facebook page. The Facebook post is below:

An old booking photo revealed this wasn’t the first time this old goat has had a run in with the law.

“Jerry The Goat” in a 2010 booking photo posted by Kemah PD>

Officer Westburg and Sergeant Hinson… way to get our goat!

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