Graphic Warning To Looters Posted By Melissa Palomarez After Hurricane Harvey

Melissa Palomarez warning to looters.
Melissa Palomarez warning to looters. (Photo Source: Melissa Palmarez Facebook)

Cypress, TX – Melissa Palomarez posted a very graphic and specific message to would-be looters in Cypress, Texas after Hurricane Harvey.

The official number of people arrested for looting in the greater Houston, Harris County area after Hurricane Harvey seems to have landed somewhere around 40, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Melissa Palomarez of Cypress, Texas was determined NOT to become a victim when she posted a sign on the front of her residence as warning to any looters who may be in her neighborhood after Hurricane Harvey. “You loot we probably won’t shoot,” Cypress resident Melissa Palomarez wrote in a sign. “We’ll slit your throat, crush your skull, and burn you alive! Castration isn’t out of the question either.” This was followed with, “We watch a lot of Game of Thrones.” Melissa Palmarez appears to have posted the sign as a way of bringing humor to a very real threat that many Houstonians were experiencing after Hurricane Harvey devastated the city with flooding.

On August 29, 2017 the Harris County District Attorney, Kim Ogg, posted Tweet with a stern warning that read,
“Looters in Houston beware: DA Kim Ogg warns you will face harder time for crimes during Harvey Crises” followed by a copy of an official memo explaining that 14 looters had already been arrested within 48 hours after Hurricane Harvey had moved passed the city. You can view the tweet below:

Considering 40 scumbags rolled the dice with mandatory prison sentences for looting, do you think Melissa Palmarez’s message was over-the-top, or was it a serious message packaged and delivered with a hint of humor? Personally, I love it! Let me know what you think on Facebook or on Twitter @texashabanero.


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