‘Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund Nueces County Deputies’ & Warrior 12 Apparel Team Up

Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund Nueces County Deputies & Warrior 12 Apparel.
Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund Nueces County Deputies & Warrior 12 Apparel.

PORT ARANSAS TX – The ‘Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund Nueces County Deputies’ and Warrior 12 Apparel have teamed up to sell the “Texas Crusader” t-shirt to raise funds for three Nueces County deputies who have lost it all to Hurricane Harvey’s devastation in Port Aransas and Aransas Pass, Texas.

Hurricane Harvey left a wake of devastation across Texas leaving thousands of families, including two Nueces County Precinct Four deputies and the Constable, with nothing. The ‘Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund Nueces County Deputies‘ has been setup to help Constable Robert Sherwood, Deputy Dave Moats, and Deputy Shay Williams in order to assist them in rebuilding, from the ground up, their lives as well as the lives of their families.

I am an active duty police officer in Texas with a career spanning over two decades.  I love the Texas gulf coast and I know all three of these Texas police officers. I also work with a fantastic police supporting organization called Blue Lives Matter (bluelivesmatter.blue) which is an organization that battles daily to bring issues that affect the lives of all American law enforcement officers to the forefront of the public’s attention.

The fund, “Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund Nueces County Deputies” (HHRFNCD) can be accessed on the internet at the following address: https://officerdown.us/projects/hurricane-harvey-relief-fund-nueces-county-deputies/

Constable Robert “Bobby” Sherwood stayed on the island of Port Aransas throughout Hurricane Harvey’s sweeping and devastating path of destruction across Texas. On August 26, 2017 in an interview with mysanantoinio.com described why he was staying to weather the then category 3 hurricane that was barreling down on Port Aransas. “This is what they pay me to do,” he said. “They pay me to protect the property and the people who live out here. It’s just part of the job.” Constable Sherwood did in fact stay in Port Aransas during the worst Hurricane Harvey had to offer. After Hurricane Harvey struck Port Aransas Constable Sherwood was quoted in an interview with KRIS 6 News saying, “I never figured it was going to be this bad,” and “It’s the worst thing I’ve ever seen. And I’ve lived on this Coast my entire life,” Sherwood said.

Constable Sherwood later provided me with remarkable firsthand account of his life-threatening, and life-altering experience in phone conversation I had with him in the days following the storm.

Ultimately what I gathered from Constable Sherwood was a sense of tragic loss. He was coming to the realization that Port Aransas was devastated. The landscape of the city was unrecognizable and I sensed he was submerged in ruin that was his home and the city for which he protected for close to 40 years as a police officer. Bobby (which is what he goes by in Port Aransas) is a humble man, and he did not express sadness for his own personal losses in this tragedy. At some point in the conversation I had to pry into the personal devastation he and his wife suffered. He told me his house was completely blown apart. He lost all his possessions and at one point said, “There’s nothing left.” I asked him what is the best way I and others can help and his humble response was, “I don’t need anything, we’re going to be all right, but I just want my men taken care of,” referring to his deputies, Deputy Dave Moats and Deputy Shay Williams.

He described their losses as being significant. Both families have kids, teenagers and this storm has robbed them of everything they had in life up to Hurricane Harvey making landfall in Port Aransas. Very directly, and with a sense of urgency, Constable Sherwood told me, “They need funds to rebuild.” Knowing that his own house was blown away, I was moved by Constable Sherwood’s humbleness, and it’s why he is loved by so many people in the Port Aransas Community. THIS was the moment that set me on a mission to help these Blue families.

I immediately began a campaign to raise funds for all three of these families. As I began reaching out to my colleagues on social media, one contact I have through Blue Lives Matter referred me to a police supporting, crowdfunding organization called OfficerDown.US. This was the perfect platform that supports police officers in times of need.  I then setup the ‘Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, Nueces County Deputies’ and began discussing it on my Twitter @texashabanero and on my Facebook page ‘Badges of Blue Heroes.’ Since the beginning of this relief effort many people have begun getting behind it once they learned about the desperate need of these heroes and their families.

Day one donations began trickling in and I was ecstatic. Day two and a couple more donations came in. Day three slowed a bit as Hurricane Irma began shifting the nation’s attention towards Florida, rightfully so. Day four and I was feeling as though I may have saturated all the social media outlets for which I had access, but then something amazing happened. A colleague of mine from Blue Lives Matter contacted me and informed me that Warrior 12 Apparel was interested in teaming up with me to help Constable Sherwood and his deputies via the ‘Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, Nueces County Deputies.’

Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund Nueces County Deputies and Warrior 12 Apparel team up to sell the 'Texas Crusader' Limited Edition T-shirt to help the families of Nueces County deputies who lost it all during the hurricane.
Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund Nueces County Deputies and Warrior 12 Apparel team up to sell the ‘Texas Crusader’ Limited Edition T-shirt to help the families of Nueces County deputies who lost it all during the hurricane.

Warrior 12 launched a 3 week campaign to sell a limited edition ‘Texas Crusader’ t-shirt with the intent of giving a portion of the proceeds to the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas. What I was unaware of was the company was following my campaign and at some point they reached out to Blue Lives Matter to offer the proceeds to the families of Constable Sherwood, Deputy Dave Moats, and Deputy Shay Williams. You can still order the shirt, but only up to about September 15th. You can read more about the company Warrior 12 on their About Page.

As of the publishing of this article, the ‘Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund Nueces County Deputies’ has generated $1,190.00 in donations for these three Texas police officers who have lost everything. Warrior 12 will be making a contribution once the sale of the Texas Crusader T-shirt ends this Friday.

All donations to the Officerdown.us fund are tax deductible so if you want to make a donation, or if you know of someone wanting to donate, please share this link: https://officerdown.us/projects/hurricane-harvey-relief-fund-nueces-county-deputies/

Also, please share this article, and feel free to leave me a comment or question below, on my Facebook or on Twitter @texashabanero.


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