Gorge Spears Caught On Video Leaving A Dog To Die On A Busy Dallas Highway

SPCA of Texas
SPCA of Texas

DALLAS, TX – Gorge Spears has be charged with animal cruelty after he was caught on a video abandoning a dog near a busy Dallas highway. Spears turned himself in after an arrest warrant was issued for his arrest.

The video and details about this story were provided by the Dallas Marshal’s Office after they say they initially installed the camera due to the area being one prone to people abandoning pets. The video shows Gorge Spears dragging the dog out of the backseat of his vehicle by a leash, then leaving the dog to roam by the side of the road in southern Dallas on Monday. A warrant as issued for Gorge Spears’ arrest in Dallas County where he later turned himself and is facing a charge of animal cruelty.

Maura Davies, The Vice President of Communications for the SPCA of Texas said, “It broke our hearts to see what happened to sweet little Claira-Belle.” Davies continued sayaing, “She has found a new and loving home where she can live out the rest of her life.”

The SPCA of Texas said that Gorge Spears confessed to abandoning the dog saying that his sister could no longer control the dog and wanted to get rid of her. Spears now faces a $4,000 dollar fine and he could get up to one year in jail.

“It is so important for people to report suspected animal cruelty,” Davies said. “It’s so helpful to have people contact us directly.”

Watch the full video of Gorge Spears leaving the dog on the side of the road below:


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