Rioters Vandalize Mayor Krewson’s Home Then Attack And Injure Two St. Louis Police Officers

St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department
St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department

St. Louis, MO – St. Louis rioters clashed with police in the streets after the Jason Stockley not guilty ruling was handed down by Circuit Court Judge Timothy Wilson Friday morning. By nightfall St. Louis rioters vandalized Mayor Krewson’s home before attacking and injuring two St. Louis Police officers with bricks leaving them with serious injuries.

Fox2Now put out a video on Twitter showing police deploying tear gas near Mayor Krewson’s home in Central West End. It read, “…Agitators are breaking her windows and smearing paint on her home.” That video can be viewed in the the tweet posted below.

In a pair of tweets, the St. Louis Police Department reported that two officers were attacked and injured by St. Louis rioters Friday night. The rioters began hurling bricks at police leaving two officers with serious injuries. both officers were transported to the hospital and there are no updates as to their status at the time of this publishing.

The first tweet posted by St. Louis Police Department read:

Officer is being transported to a hospital for serious injury sustained from brick thrown at him at Kingshighway & Waterman. #STLVerdict

And a second:
A second officer is being transported to a hospital for injury sustained from thrown brick. More info to come. #STLVerdict

The St. Louis Police Department also posted video of the rioters and agitators throwing brick at the officers. View that video below:

Robert Cohen, photojournalist for St. Louis Post-Dispatch sent out this tweet of photos of the injured officers being tended to by medical personnel on scene:

Blue Lives Matter published an article that contained a video of rioters stomping on a St. Louis police vehicle, and one of them had a small child participate in smashing out the windshield of the cruiser.

We are praying for the safety of all the riot officers holding the line in St. Louis tonight as these agitators and hoodlums victimize the city. Keep your head on a swivel, and watch each other’s back out here. We will update you as more information comes available.

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