Port Aransas Looter Captured On Video Flaunting Stolen Dough

Tourist shops at Port Aransas, Texas.
Port Aransas looter at large. (Tourist shops at Port Aransas, Texas. Source: Travis Witt, Wikipedia, creative Commons)

Port Aransas, Texas – A video is making waves after a Port Aransas looter was captured on video flashing the stolen dough taken from a local business last week on the island.

“I’ve never witnessed this type of sub-human behavior here before,” said one witness who asked not to be identified. She continued saying, “I’ve seen some weird stuff, but vermin like this really gets my hamster wheel turning.”

Police say that this little weasel has been seen popping up at various locations along the coastline, but has yet to be captured or identified. They believe this squirrelly character has some form of sophisticated underground system in place that makes for a quick in-and-out getaway.

It’s unknown if this Port Aransas looter suspect has any mental illnesses, but several islanders have reported observing some nutty behavior over the last couple of weeks.

View the full unedited video below:

Police setup a tip line for people to call and offer any information about this Port Aransas looter still on the loose.

“We don’t want anyone to feel like a rat for offering information about this rodent of a criminal,” said the detective spearheading the investigation. “We’re going to bury our head and keep digging into this case until we tunnel our way to a positive lead, and we know that could take awhile.”

If you or someone you know have any information about this Port Aransas looter please contact authorities. *wink wink* (not really)

This post was created by CHIEF to help draw attention the devastation Port Aransas, Texas endured during Hurricane Harvey. There are on-going relief efforts and many still in need including these Nueces County constable and deputies who all lost homes during the storm. Please consider donating to this Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund I set up to help these families that need our help. Thank you.

Officerdown.us Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, Nueces County Deputies
Officerdown.us Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, Nueces County Deputies

Have a happy and terrific weekend everyone! CHIEF 😀


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