VIDEO: Ricky Ard Attacked Police With A Bat In A Violent Rage Before Being Killed

Ricky Ard attacked an Evansville police officer with a bat before being shot and killed.
Ricky Ard attacked an Evansville police officer with a bat before losing the fight very badly.

EVANSVILLE, INDIANA – Ricky Ard, 55, was shot and killed by an Evansville police officer after Ard chased him with a bat that he was using to bust out the glass doors and windows of the federal courthouse building.

Sergeant Jason Cullum with Evansville Police Department provided a statement to the public saying, “When he (Ricky Ard) made the decision to chase after the officer and attempt to strike him with a deadly weapon, unfortunately, he created a situation that led to his own death.”

Sergeant Jason Cullum said Ard had visited the Winfield K. Denton Federal Building on Monday and expressed “concerns about the government.” The building includes federal court offices and other federal agencies.

The officer who was chased by Ricky Ard was identified as Officer Kenny Dutchke, an 11-year veteran of the Evansville police department. Sergeant Cullum stated that Officer Dutchke did have crisis intervention training, which seems to be the new trendy question among journalists and social justice warriors playing Monday morning quarterback to any officer involved shooting lately. From the time Evansville officers arrived, to the time Ricky Ard was shot, was 11 seconds, said Sergeant Cullum.

On Wednesday Sergeant Cullum declined to discuss Ard’s complaints. According to police Ricky Ard returned to the court house in the city along the Ohio River about 11:20 a.m. Tuesday.

Sergeant Cullum said a courthouse security officer also shot at Ard, but videos didn’t clearly show when that happened. One of the security officers told Officer Duschke to use a stun gun on Ard, but it was “ineffective,” Sergeant Cullum said. “We know that one of the probes did make impact because as he ran after the officer you can actually see the Taser dragging on the ground behind him, because the probe was either in his clothes or in his person and the wires were still attached to the Taser,” he said.

Sergeant Cullum pointed out that Ard could have stopped on his own and prevented his death. “After Mr. Ard had smashed out the windows, he actually retreated from the building down to the front steps along Martin Luther King Blvd,” said Sergeant Cullum.

The federal courthouse security personnel who had been interacting with Ricky Ard made the decision not to follow him as he left the building. The decided to wait for the police.

“Not following him down there was the prime opportunity for that situation to take a different path than it ultimately did. He (Ard) disengaged himself, but unfortunately chose to re-engage for a second encounter after the EPD officer arrived,” said Sergeant Cullum.

Sergeant Cullum rather bluntly addressed the false claims being made by the cry baby social justice & social media keyboard-warriors who were alleging that Officer Dutchke committed murder and had abused his police authority.

“It took longer for those social media critics to log in to their account than it did for our officer to arrive, assess the threat, take action, re-assess the threat, avoid his attacker and take additional actions to preserve his own life,” said Sergeant Cullum.

Watch the full video below.

Another officer involved shooting video was recently released by the Boise Police Department. This video was in reference to an armed man who opened fire on several Boise Police Department officers in the Boise Foothills before he was shot and killed.

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