“P Stands For Pig” Says Idiot Whose Own Viral Video Backfired On Social Media

A traffic stop video backfired on an idiotic citizen who posted it on social media with the intent of drawing viral SJW outrage.

An unidentified ignorant citizen recorded being issued a ticket by an unidentified motor cop. It’s obvious that the idiot was hoping to draw viral attention and outrage from social justice warriors, but the video did just the opposite.

What this dumbass didn’t realize was he was pulled over by one of the most professional, and patient officers I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing on video.

The douchebag recording the video is heard berating and cursing the motor officer who was issuing him a traffic citation for a minor infraction involving unapproved glass coating on his vehicle, also known as illegal window tint. This is typically a state traffic law that regulates the percentage of tint darkness authorized on the front windows of a vehicle so that it doesn’t interfere with the operator’s vision while driving.

The irate man dramatically carried on, belittling and “lecturing” the officer who remained calm throughout the entire contact with this dick-weasel.

Among the many allegations this moron threw at this courteous hero was one where he says,

“Are you f***ing proud to come to work every day knowing that you’re raping the fucking people?”

The officer is then seen approaching and kindly asking for the driver’s signature on the ticket.

The department and identity of the officer has not been determined, but whoever this hero is he certainly deserves our appreciation and support.

Towards the end of the video this dipshit threatens to “expose” the officers behavior by sharing the video on the internet, and then yelled, “P is for pig!”

Since this douche-canoe wanted to make his traffic stop viral, let’s help him by sharing his idiotic behavior while also praising the professionalism displayed by this motor cop.

View the full video below:

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