VIDEO: Sacramento PD Shootout With Homicide Suspect Eric Arnold

Sacramento Police Department shootout with homicide suspect Eric Arnold.
Sacramento Police Department shootout with homicide suspect Eric Arnold.

The Sacramento Police Department released body camera and dashcam video of a deadly shootout with a homicide suspect Eric Arnold.

The shooting happened at 27th Avenue on September 7th. Police say Eric Arnold was wanted in a double homicide on Janrick Avenue that happened on September 1st.

Two people were found dead in a home that day. Officers say Arnold abruptly got out of his vehicle and began advancing and shooting at officers. Five Sacramento police officers returned fire, killing 41-year-old Eric Arnold.

During the shootout, two of the officers were struck by gunfire. The videos released by the department on Wednesday show the pursuit of the suspect, then the chaotic seconds of the shootout that quickly brought down Arnold.

Both officers have since been released from the hospital and are recovering from their injuries.

Watch the full video below, but be warned the footage might be disturbing to some viewers.

This serves as yet another example of how quickly a scene can go from controlled to deadly for officers who are engaging what proved to be a violent criminal.  Scumbags like this have absolutely nothing to lose. These officers were fortunate to have escaped with their lives, and I am very glad that they did.

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*WARNING GRAPHIC* An officer involved shooting involving a man violently charging at an Evansville police officer before being shot and killed by the police.


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