Louisville Metro Police Officers Take Out An Armed Robbery Suspect

LOUISVILLE, KY – Two Louisville Metro police officers shot and killed an armed robbery suspect as he was exiting a business he was robbing armed with a handgun gun.

The officers saved the life of an employee of the business who was later found “bound and duct-taped” and had “what appeared to be pistol-whip injuries”

In an interview with reporters Monday, Police Chief Steve Conrad stated, “the suspect came out of the door armed with a handgun,” before he was shot by officers responding to the robbery.

The video shows officers responding and organizing an approach to the business in question. An officer is heard yelling,  giving verbal commands before shots are heard. Body cameras then show an officer approach a person on the ground dressed in all black and wearing what appears to be a black ski mask. An officer is heard telling dispatch that shots were fired and the suspect was down with multiple shots to the chest.

The identity of the aggravated robbery suspect is not known at this time.
Watch the FL video below:


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