‘Blue Flu’ Strikes Puerto Rico As Over 8,000 Cops Call In Sick

San Juan, PR – The “Blue Flu” has struck the island of Puerto Rico, with thousands of police officers calling off sick daily in December after officials pocketed FEMA money rather than paying officers.

Island newspaper El Vocero reported that 5,219 officers called out sick on Dec. 21, and 3,878 officers called out sick on Dec. 22, and the numbers climbed dramatically after Christmas.

Almost 8,000 officers of the 13,000-member Policia de Puerto Rico (PPR) called in sick on Thursday, according to police sources.

The numbers of absences reported did not include the investigative division, or any other units outside of regular uniformed patrol.

“We have had an inordinate amount of absences that we haven’t seen in years prior,” Puerto Rico Police Chief Michelle Hernandez told AP News.

Police sources told Blue Lives Matter that the massive sick out is the result of… Continue Reading


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